Seeking absolution for your deeds
Engraved deeply in your beliefs
Eating up your thoughts, acid frothing in heaps
Seeping deep into the holy seed!

Having tried the ecclesiastical hierarchy
Condemned for all eternity
Salvation not found in conformity
Earth holding no surrender, full of profanity!

Climb up to the skies
Cry out, like thunder in a hundred lashes
Repentance will arrive on scales
Seated surrealistically on the wings of doves
Firmly scathing and healing all surfaces!

©Chriselda Barretto

Art – Face with doves – by Florence Wong

Some extra words of thankfulness!!

I am so grateful to be voted on Goodreads Listopia list:
‘The Most Important Book You May Ever Read’

Out of 73 chosen books, 3 of my books were voted for by Goodreads readers!

To actually be placed on a list with greats like J R R Tolkien, George Orwell and Richard Dawkins is truly humbling!

Thank you Goodreads voters for rating me and choosing my books 🙏!! I am honoured!

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