Accursed Forest

Book Description

Ioan has decided to move back to his homeland Romania, together with his wife Ana and their son Vasile.

But going back home unveils a very dark and sordid history which impacts all of them.

The family don’t seem to be alone.

To make matters worse, there is a very dominant evil force lurking in the shadows, creating havoc amidst everything.

As their life unfolds things seem to get more mysterious.

Can they manage to piece together all the parts of this scary puzzle?

Could they be forgetting the most important & basic essence of life?


Living life to the fullest

means accepting it in its entirety,

so must death be accepted in its whole!

Book Reviews

Mary Kauffman

Accursed Forest By Chriselda Barretto


After downloading Accursed Forest by Chriselda Barretto, is complete and free, I’m happy.

Miranda Bowden

Accursed Forest By Chriselda Barretto

I really like story Accursed Forest . I didn’t expect it would be this good. I really hope the author will continue to update the story. this has a lot of potential, I hope you won’t just give up. Keep working well, please.

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Accursed Forest

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