The Creep

Book Description

A first of its kind narrative poetry in a
thriller genre:

“Twisted and curved,
Its spine is intertwined,
Faceless, skinless, ashen teeth deflected,
Cries beyond the dead, carries it mimed,
Its soul dead, relentless, unreflected,
Seeking a splash of human wine,
Pools of blood, deeply sanguine!”

-An Excerpt

Enjoy the art of Narrative Poetry Story Telling!

Book Reviews

Oct 11, 2018

Valery ****

The Creep: A first of its kind narrative poetry in the thriller genre by Chriselda Barretto is such a unique book, it’s kind of hard to pin it down to just one thing. A collection of poems that highlight the most evil things and happenings, the author writes in an almost wistful way, capturing some of Edgar Allen Poe’s essence, in that the poems are grisly while getting under your skin in a subtle way. There seems to be a running theme of horrible things happening to ordinary people, from The Secret Amulet to Deepak, the Full Moon and more. The Creep is a presence that pervades people’s lives, takes over and exerts an extreme evil influence. This is an interesting take on putting together a collection of poetry, highly unique and innovative. You will enjoy this evil and creepy collection of scary poetry. Looking forward to more from this author. Highly recommend.


Nov 14, 2018

Novel Addiction ***** It was amazing

Narrative poetry in the thriller genre, I have to admit I wasn’t sure at all what to expect, but I am keen to explore different avenues of literature that I previously haven’t tried. I’m a fan of horror movies and horror books, although mainly the ones from years ago, and I have to say I thought this was pretty exceptional.

With anything unfamiliar it’s difficult to quantify so took me a while to gather my thoughts, but after consideration, and that the lines resonated with me long after, I have to give this a solid 5 stars. Applaudable vision and ambition to even attempt this, a big favorite with me.


Nov 06, 2018

Nose In A Book ***** It was amazing

Fans of the thriller genre of fiction, looking for something different, should definitely check out ‘Creep’ by Chriselda Barretto. It is a complete story, but told in narrative poetry, which gives an ethereal feel and almost a sinister rhythm, which was really enthralling and will draw you into its darkness. The poems read like chapters that tell the unsettling, disturbing, and sometimes grisly tales or people affected by ‘The Creep’, a malevolent force that invades the lives of its unsuspecting victims, brining with it evil and malice. This is poetry that will keep you up at night, keep your doors locked, and sleep with the light on. ‘The Creep’ may just have an impact of your lives after reading this unique piece of thriller fiction.


Nov 27, 2018 

Laila Viking *** 

This was very different from what I use to read and review. It is a unique telling written in poems.
It is about a Monster which is named The Creep. Only one person can save the world from this Creep and that is a young boy. 
I like that the poem follows a pattern. That made it more calming. It has a nice rhythm in it. In spite of this is a poem it often feels real. The book is short but still giving the reader a sort of adventure.
I can only recommend it to lovers of the poetry and poems.


Nov 22, 2018

Cracked Spine ***

 The Creep by Chriselda Barretto is an interesting and original idea of its kind epic poem featuring a horrific monster dubbed by Barretto as the “Creep” that resembles the Greek monster, Medusa that comes to people through their dreams. It does not have a given name just that it is a creepy demon that only a certain little boy is destined to send back to wherever diabolical place it originated from. This is a new form of poetry book that is labeled as a thriller on Amazon’s website. It is similar to the Greek greats The Odyssey and The Iliad in that it tells a story through a narrator and this book is inspired by the Christian story of the villainous satan that was banished from heaven and is said to be on earth to wreak havoc only to be destroyed by the Lord Almighty’s son Jesus Christ. So I guess it’s safe to say that this book has a universal appeal to all those who are aware of Christ and His enemy satan.

This book is short and concise, the poetic lines are not lengthy but are rightfully brief and simple. It is written in a sort of way by Barretto to probably let each line rhyme and go smoothly with each other as a whole in order to be read poetically by avid readers of poetry books. I found no faults within this book except that to the amateur poetry reader, he or she may find the rhythm to be off-putting but as a poet myself, I can say that it is for the words’ syllables and consonants to flow rhythmically. I finished this book in two days but could have been shorter if I wasn’t too tired from the Halloween craze of two days ago.

I suggest this book to those die-hard fans of poetry who may love a new poetic theme, in this case, the horror genre because in all my years on this earth the only horrific kind of poetry book I’ve read was Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven and Other Poems and that’s about it. Barretto has sparked an interest in me for scary-themed poems and for epic poetry as well. Good luck to the author and her writing career and to everyone reading this book, try it out and see if it fancies you. I think a collector of poetry books should add this rare gem to his or her library. I think Barretto’s work here has made me feel like I should search for more book-length epic poems with all sorts of themes ranging from horror to suspense to romance of course to entertain me during this upcoming magical season of winter. God bless!


Oct 30, 2018

8th Day Reads ****

This is a unique piece as in it tells a story, but it’s a narrative poem. It is broken up into chapters, and typically follows a rhyme pattern (though not always–there are some points where creative slant rhyming plays a part). The piece starts off describing the “creep”, and progresses throughout each chapter. Though each chapter can be a piece on its own, it all follows the general theme surrounding the creep and the characters impacted by it.

The story behind the poetry is pretty interesting. I could see it, the writing was visual. The characters throughout were neat, and fleshed out well as far as poetry goes. The writing had a few errors, and the rhyme seemed forced at a few points, but overall the author did a good job. I’d definitely read more from this author, she is very creative and can weave a good story!

Just keep in mind before buying that this is a poetic narrative and not a novel. It does tell a complete story, though!

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