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“She Said!” is my ode to words, in the form of Quotes!

Let me describe this beautiful book to you in 5 words: Heart-Felt, Inspirational, Mindful, Motivational & Informative!

Enjoy a dose of a quote a day, with your cup of tea or coffee!

Let my words stay with you, all through the way!

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Grady Harp, Top Contributor: Children’s Books

November 29, 2018

Belgian author Chriselda Barretto has mixed roots Anglo-Indian and Goan-Portuguese. In addition to writing she is an Inflight Safety Training Instructor in the Aviation Industry. She is also a professional modern jazz dancer.



In this well designed book – a combination of colorful geometric shapes placed well with the many quotations Chriselda offers – we are privileged to musings by an obviously thoughtful and caring person. The quotes are directed toward helping the reader find a more satisfying life and gain self-confidence.

Profound in their simplicity, these little quotes spark the imagination and support the growth of the human spirit. Some examples follow:
Strive to make today better than yesterday!

Cold war doesn’t only exist among countries
It also exists among people

You can afford to lose everything
But your mind and common sense!

Life is a never-ending growth curve

In the end the only person you will have to answer to
Is yourself!

We all need a bit of solitude to reflect and reinforce

Resilience only builds after pain

Don’t underestimate you
We all have a purpose here
Find it and fulfill it!

This is a fine little bedside book to re-energize thoughts and perceptions before resting for the night.

Grady Harp, November 18

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.


4.0 out of 5 stars / Another good read by Barretto

November 12, 2018

Format: Paperback



3.0 out of 5 stars / Very creative original quotes

October 15, 2018

Format: Paperback

This is my second time diving into the imagination of Chriselda Barretto. This is a very different kind of book than the other I’ve read (The Creep, for what it’s worth). This is a book of original quotes by Barretto. There is a bit of design on some of the pages, but I’m not entirely sure what the theme is (it feels like they were thrown in there just to take up space, but this is possibly a formatting thing). The quotes: there are some good gems in here, some are creative re-inventions of quotes and sayings that are out there, and some of them are quite creative. Overall, it wasn’t bad. The quotes were mostly inspirational, with the rest really calling for the reader to look inward. The formatting and length could be adjusted, though, considering the large number of pages in relation to actual content. Again, I have to say this author is very creative. I’ll be checking out another book by her.



3.0 out of 5 stars / Reworded Quotes Offering Inspiration and Guidance

November 3, 2018

Format: Paperback

Honestly, I feel like this book is made up of recycled but reworded quotes that offer its readers inspiration and guidance as they struggle to survive in this difficult modern world we live in. This is the second book by Barretto that I have read and its contents are a refreshing and replenishing plethora of counsel that I feel gives hope and comfort to the soul that is on the verge of a breakdown. I am here to report that the positives of this book is the author’s skill at rewording the same advice that other sources of inspiration e.g. the Holy Bible has been touting for a long time. There are quotes here that examine the self for instance like this one:
“Confidence should be measured by your power of patience, resilience and persistence.”
Then there are quotes that condemn the opinion of others:
“Asking someone for advice means you get what would suit them and not necessarily you or your needs!”
And then there are quotes that instruct you on how to better your life (which this example says but is often an overused one now):
“Strive to make today better than yesterday!”
And of course there are quotes that tells us the readers what Barretto has learned herself:
“Experience has taught me not to judge a book by its cover…” which is a quote that is overused as well.
Like I said, those of us readers who have read a lot of inspirational books and seen a bunch of inspirational movies over our years on this earth have already by now learned of these quotes but the brilliance in them is that the author has redesigned their wording so as to make them her own.
She Said!: A Book of Quotes here is a great read for the millennials in my honest opinion especially for those who are not spiritual or religious. It may very well be inspiring and helpful to them as I have delineated above that these quotes are great counsel that provides a soothing backbone to those who feel like the world is against them and are seeking a way to snap out of it and get back on the right path in life. I wish Barretto much success and more happiness to her and her book here as someone who grew up amongst theological books and religious media therefore having learned of these quotes beforehand.
Still I guess it’s wonderful to own a book of quotes that are spread in good nature and is a book centered on goodness and a peace of mind. It may very well rejuvenate the sad life of someone who has not discovered the wisdom in these quotes after all. Good luck and God bless.



4.0 out of 5 stars / Great Collection of Inspiring Quotes

October 11, 2018

Format: Paperback

She Said!: The Book of Quotes by Chriselda Barretto is a vast collection of inspirational quotes written by the author. Conveyed in an abstract and whimsical format, these quotes may be just what you need to get your day started. Barretto has lived thus far an interesting life, working for the past couple decades as an In flight Training Instructor, and also being a professional jazz dancer. Her passion for writing and being creative however, shines in this collection of uplifting quotes. As she says, Complacency is a dangerous trait; you will find no complacency here, just imaginative and fun quotes that you can read again and again to reinvigorate yourself and inspire yourself to be your best self from one day to the next. A fun collection from a very interesting and enthusiastic author. Highly recommend, and look forward to more from Barretto.

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