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The Sapphire Ring – By Chriselda Barretto

The Sapphire Ring – A short story by Chriselda Barretto

Realisation hit me suddenly. It was ever since I started wearing the ring that I couldn’t sleep anymore! The ring that I so loved. At first sight, as soon as I laid my eyes on it; I knew it had to be mine. Now sitting pretty on my finger, sparkling even brighter than before. It was an antique, a stunning royal blue Kashmir sapphire ring, in a handmade platinum setting, adorned with diamonds and filigree. The detailed etching was something that I hadn’t seen before. It had cost me a small fortune, but it so called to me; I would pay whatever the old lady asked for it. The old lady who owned the corner store, warned me that I should choose another one as this one she said had a “JuJu” on it. I remember laughing when I heard her say that word, an adorable accent she had, Peruvian I guessed.

What set the deal for me was the price, an economical one for such a stunner! I had to go back and ask her about this “JuJu” she spoke about, because ever since I wore the ring, many sleepless nights later, I felt uneasy. I recall having many dreams, but now my dreams were turning into the category of nightmares! They were becoming more real and vivid. I wondered if maybe my lack of sleep was for fear of having these terrible nightmares.

One of mine 🙂 Read the continuation to this story in my upcoming book “Shorter”…

Source – Moi

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World’s cartoonists on this week’s events…Read it here

This is so cool…

Source –

The Radical Plan to Save the Planet by Working Less…Read it here


Source –

These are the World’s Most Extraordinary Caves…Read it here

Source –

The 18 Best Budget Travel Destinations For 2019…Read it here

Source –

Who knew that Snoop Dog would provide such a relaxing voiceover…Watch it here


Source – LADbible (Nikkie Tutorials)

5 “Beat the Summer-Heat” Tips…Read it here

Enjoy reading a short article I wrote some time ago!

Source – Chriselda Barretto

Prince Laurent criticized for taking phone call during the Belgian National Anthem…Read it here

I agree that it’s not done, but looking at it from another side…at least it goes to prove that they are just as normal as the rest of us :)!

Source –

Belgian Monastery Will Brew Beer Again, After A 220-Year Pause…Read it here

These guys are really into it, probably the reason why belgian beer is so good :)!

Source –

A Jury Has Decided That Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” Copied A Christian Rap Song From 2009…Read it here

WOW! A pretty famous song…from 2009 and they realise it now…10 years later? Well as they say…”All’s well that ends well!”

Source –

22 Sequels That Are Better Than The Original Movie…Read it here

Am not sure…Do you agree?

Source –

Netflix’s August Titles Just Dropped — Here’s What To Watch…Read it here

Source –

“Life is a B*tch” by Jorge Cremades…Watch it here

This guy is absolutely hilarious, find many more of his crazy videos on his Facebook page

Source – JorgesCremades on Facebook

An Imperfect Human’s Guide To Body Positivity…Read it here

Interesting and so needed in today’s superficial society!

Source –

Bats Have Taken up Residence in Two 18th Century Portuguese Libraries, and That’s a Good Thing!…Read it here

Not fair!…the bats should get paid for doing this! 🙂

Source –

I saw this ad on Facebook and just found so many things wrong with it! I don’t see anything wrong with the BEFORE picture!…Have a look!

undefined James Caan CBE

“At the end of every interview, I always ask, ‘have you got any questions?’ About 70% of candidates say they don’t or ask a very woolly question because they haven’t done their research thoroughly enough. But ask a question that really demonstrates you’ve done your research, and I’m immediately impressed.”

Should You Worry About Flesh-Eating Bacteria?…Read it here

Source –

Isn’t this amazing…we should see more acts like this!

Source – #Womensart on Twitter

Haha…the selfie generation!

Source – Patrick Madrid on Twitter

A “Thank-you” note for my podcast ‘The 3 Pillars’

Pillar 1 – Aviation [About Aerotoxic Syndrome]

Thank you for the appreciation, it was my pleasure :)!

Listen to the podcast

Source – Facebook

How Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Recreated the Summer (and Spring) of ’69…Read it here

OK we already know where this one is headed!

Source –


Thank you – Efcharistó [Ευχαριστώ]

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