Welcome note from the Author!

Dear Reader…Friend,

Welcome to my writer playground!

I hope you have fun reading my poems, micropoems, stories, quotes and more.

Having published a few books, my hope is to inspire and motivate with words. I love narrative poetry!

Come join me on my journey of discovery, using words as my stepping stones!

Please feel free to leave comments, follow, share or like…

Thanks for visiting!


Last few words:

“I have been mindful,

used neuro-linguistic programming-NLP,

checked, trained and coached many,

spoken on behalf of the weak,

seen many ups and downs enroute.

Still the fire to learn burns brightly,

the will to do good, spread positivity.

Pray for this passion always to be,

distinguishing fearlessly and wisely,

setting bright new frontiers for me,

living each day, humbly as if starting anew.

Life….just wanted to thank you! ❤️”

Chriselda Barretto

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