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Chriselda Barretto

My Author Bio

Chriselda, a multi-genre Author and Speaker, with a background in Business Administration and Chemistry/Microbiology lives in Belgium. She is the host of the Podcast – The 3 Pillars and ART-IS-IN!

Having travelled the world extensively, as an Inflight Safety Training Instructor, she has worked in the Aviation industry for nearly two decades.

Always with a touch of artistic creativity along with being a professional modern jazz dancer, she also loves music and is passionate about writing! She is fluent in 5 languages & loves writing poetry, stories and quotes. She has published over ten books and is working on more!

Her writing covers fiction and non-fiction, with the likes of poetry, horror, thriller, romance, supernatural, children’s illustration, but she enjoys telling a story in narrative poetry the most! She currently has four WIPs and is also working on her first Self-help/Image-Building Book, that she had first started on her blog: ‘’

A qualified Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, she also practices NLP and Mindfulness. Aiming to share her knowledge and experiences, she is a speaker on many topics ranging from Creative writing, Personal Development, Aerotoxic Syndrome to Aviation Safety and Self-Publishing. 

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