Must Love Poetry


I love writing poetry where just a few lines could take you on a journey, enticing new feelings and emotions. I call it “Interactive Poetry!” 

The meaning that you derive from each poem will feel different from another person reading the same lines. Try it and see for yourself! Promise to take you on many sublime paths full of wonder and enchantment.

Read my poems and enjoy trying to decipher which meaning suits you the best. Let it stay in your mind a while longer because the next time you read it, you might feel differently!

Discover more than 100 poems that I wrote with varied emotions and at contrasting points in my life. My sentiments will show through each and every one of them.

First mine and now yours…Enjoy!


Barretto has incredible talent. she gives her poems that professionalism that great poets and writers possess.


The author is passionate, creative, and full of emotion and it’s all proven as she bleeds ink on the page.


These poems exhibit an awareness of oneself, an immersion into the author’s psyche, and a bit of the macabre.

Grady Harp

This book sparks the imagination and supports the growth of the visual and the emotional spirit. Another fine book by Chriselda to stimulate thoughts and perceptions and to encourage each of our emotions.


Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views

“Must Love Poetry,” by Chriselda Barretto is an eclectic collection of topics expressed in well written poetry. Topics range from Nature, Spirituality, the Universe…you name it and it is within these pages in some shape, or form. When I first saw that this poetry collection was 290 pages, I hesitated a little as this collection had only one author and other poetry books I have read of this size were always multi-author anthologies. I decided to read it like I read the anthologies…in different sittings without paying attention to the table of contents. I found that although I could identify the author’s voice in all the poems, each poem felt totally different than the next one. Each one was well written – some free style, some rhyme more than others, all spoke of different topics, and each expressed a distinct feel. Some of my favorites, to name a few, (although I loved the entire repertoire) are: ‘Soar,’ ‘From Mother to Son,’ ‘The Statue and The Tower,’ ‘Mind Me,’ and the one that really stayed with me, ‘Dark Pearl.’

Barretto has mastered multiple forms of poetry, but her talent of expression is what impressed me the most. To be able to share feelings and provoke thoughts about such a range of topics in one collection is remarkable. I liked the fact that she presented her work in no apparent sequence. This always kept me curious, wondering what the next one would be about, and how it would affect my mind and heart. Would it linger in my thoughts? Would it touch a moment within my life? Would it be about something I haven’t even thought about? Below is a short example to show how the author’s work is not only mind and heart stimulating…but also visually.


Living in an age

of dishonesty

Surviving a rage

of pre-occupational hazardry

Collect your thoughts

and reinforce your mental imagery

For this world is the biggest asset

of evolution for humanity!’

I loved “Must Love Poetry” by Chriselda Barretto and consider it a five-star book of poetry for this era. Definitely a must-read for all poetry lovers!


Must Love Poetry

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