The Sub-Space : 1

Come join me on my first series of flash fiction + narrative poetry

The Sub-Space

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The heat pressed on her skin

like a sheet of steamed vapour.

Her forehead felt the rush of cool air,

as a light breeze danced on by.

There was a sudden gush of wind,

Reana felt it enclose all around her.

It seemed to gather momentum…

Her ears felt a strange sort of humming,

like an alarm ringing in the far distance!

She blanked out,

Reana realised that her mind stood still…

No thoughts, just nothingness,

like a vacuum stuck on pause!

That alarm kept getting louder now,

its reverberations now crawling into her bloodstream.

Something compelled her to look up,

and what she saw scared her!

In a sudden switch of time,

everything seemed frozen in front of her.

Leaves swaying before, now hung loosely in the air.

People around her stood static,

their expressions blanked out,

as they stood in this placid, unmoving state.

Silence enveloped her, creating an eerie subspace!

She tried calling out…

“Hello”….her voice echoed,

creating ripples of sound, emanating from her lips!

But she could move and feel,

she lifted her hands,

they were covered in a thick black substance!

Rubbing her hands profusely,

she tried to get it off.

But she couldn’t….

It was too thick…sticky and greasy!

What was happening??

Many questions were filling up her mind and fast…

She heard it then, loud and clear,

as if from right behind her.

All her senses activated,

the pores of her skin shouting out to run…

A nasty, vicious growl growing louder,

she even felt it approaching her.

Would she dare?

She started turning around slowly….

© Chriselda Barretto

Eat, pray, weep…?

Shelter from heat
Is that all we seek?

Wishing on a passing cloud
Is that all that holds benefitting clout?

Sing in my praise, before they sleep
Eat, pray, weep…is that the order of the sheep?

Come on by with a wistful must
Shatter those chains of an aged past
Unwilling though…you still find trust!

For look ahead, far deep into the light
A challenging sword, in all its might
Clearing boundaries…all around, left and then right
Herein lies my evergreen, vengeful delight!

A poem by Chriselda Barretto

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