Episode 3 – Charlie Bass


Episode 3 – Charlie Bass


Guest Speaker – Charlie Bass Bio

Charlie Bass has 15 years experience as an aircraft engineer in the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm, and therefore has a full understanding of aircraft operational systems.  Charlie is trained in Nuclear biological and Chemical Defence, so he understands nerve agents and their effects on the human body. He had been appointed by a Secretary of State in the UK to the OFCOM advisory council (the independent body overseeing the activities of the UK’s communications regulator). This has given him experience of watching how an industry regulator, the industry it regulates and government operate/collude for mutual benefit. This reflects exactly what is happening today within the aviation sector and the CAA/EASA governments and airlines.  

Following the death of his son, British Airways aircrew Matthew Bass in January 2014, Charlie has been actively campaigning on the toxic cabin air front, spending four years in a legal process with Matt’s coroners hearing, which acted as the catalyst for ‘Unite the Union’ based in the UK which Matt was a member of, to take up Matt’s case and 120 other cases by those affected by contaminated air. Taking the airlines and CAA to court, was reflected last week in many news sources and is currently in progress.  

Toxic Fumes info on Facebook: Aerobot

Learn more about Matt Bass:

Celebrating the life of Matt Bass

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