Episode 5 – Daniel Dumalin


Episode 5 – Daniel Dumalin

Guest Speaker – Daniel Dumalin Bio


1. Licentiate in Experimental and Theoretical Psychology (Research psychologist)

Today this is called Master of Science in Experimental and Theoretical Psychology

2. Associate’s degree in Electronic Engineering

3. Associate’s degree in Biomedical Engineering

Separate courses:

1. Biomedical Electronics (M.Sc. in Electronics and ICT Engineering Technology)

2. Biomedical Product Development (M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering)

3. Neuromodulation and Imaging (M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering)


29 years experience in IT, Software developer, Web developer, System administrator


Board member of Section Neuroscience and Psychophysiology [2017-present]

Section Psychophysiology [2012 – 2017] organization position Board member and Technical Advisor until it merged into the Section Neuroscience and Psychophysiology

QNBG (Quantified Neurophysiology Belgium Group) [1999 – 2005] as Scientific and Technical coordinator

Daniel Dumalin Contact:


Daniel Dumalin Publication:

Dumalin, D. (2017). The Contingent Negative Variation: The Cumulative Curve Method Revisited. In P. Sittiprapaporn (Ed.), Event-Related Potentials and Evoked Potentials (pp. 51-66). Intech. doi:10.5772/65183


Fly-Aware Information Event In Holland – May 10


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Short link: https://wp.me/p5lySl-fvf

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De Morgen


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Host – Chriselda Barretto

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2 Replies to “Episode 5 – Daniel Dumalin”

  1. Hello Chriselda,

    Thank you for continued support in raising awareness of Aerotxic Syndrome.

    I am Cabin Crew for … and have been off work for several months due to a “fume event “ on board. I have 27 years experience flying as a crew.

    Since my last flight, many of my symptoms have calmed down however I am left with daily headaches, fatigue and tremors. Even had a diagnosis of fibromyalgia which I’m very dubious about, I’m not convinced as the symptoms are similar to that of Aerotxic Syndrome. Trialed many different drugs but can’t tolerate the side effects.

    My union sent me information regarding Daniel Dumalin’s research and I have been in contact with him and I’m planning on taking a trip to Ostend to take part in this pioneering research project. Hopefully the world will start to wake up to the fact that based on scientific fact that Aerotoxic Syndrome is real and the aviation industry will soon be held accountable.

    Thank you for doing what you do, Chriselda highlighting a worldwide issue.

    I look forward to hearing your next podcast.

    Kindest regards

    Norman B.

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