Episode 2 – Captain John Hoyte


Episode 2 – Captain John Hoyte

Guest Speaker – John Hoyte Bio

John Hoyte began flying in 1976 on unpressurised aircraft until 1989 when he changed to fly Bae-British Aerospace 146 jets with pressurized ‘bleed air’ for safety and good long term stability with TNT on night freight flying. He suddenly experienced debilitating ill health in the spring of 1990 which he put down to night flying and told no one for fear of losing his job. He left night flying in 1998 as he was burnt out and experienced severe neurological symptoms of memory & poor speech and decided to begin day flying on the BAe 146 for Flybe. By then he was more like a vegetable but he still told no one as he needed his job.

The mystery ill health intensified until 2004/5 when he failed safe by walking off airliners as a BAe 146 Training Captain rather than risk his passengers’ lives as he was burnt out and unfit to fly.

In early 2006 he was tested along with 26 other BALPA Union pilots by University College London – all of whom (100%) had a cocktail of chemicals in their blood /fat including organophosphates and poor cognition.

On 22nd May 2006 JH made a formal Statement that he had been poisoned by organophosphate and other chemicals.

On 18th June 2007 he founded the Aerotoxic Association to help other survivors and the website www.aerotoxic.org continues to support others around the world with unsupported financial gain.

Their objectives of forcing airlines to filter ‘bleed air’, monitor the poisonous air and change to safer oil have been successful as Easyjet have been in a Paris criminal Court since 2016 and by the time of the 13th Annual Cabin Air conference in September 2019, it will be the first airline in the world to fit all of the known and available solutions, yet governments and regulators still claim ‘no positive evidence’.

Dossier written in 2014:


John Hoyte Contact

Former BAe 146 Training Captain


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