Anti Migraine/Headache Bracelet

Anti Migraine/Headache Bracelet

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With 8 (12) Anti Migraine/Headache healing crystals – Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Lapis lazuli, Selenite, Clear Quartz (The Master Healer), Turquoise, Moonstone (Stone of New Beginnings), Hematite, Citrine,  Smoky Quartz, Jade, Sapphire 

AMETHYST – Amethyst rids negative energy within a room, and also keeps “energy vampires” out of your personal space. It helps with healing for the brain, strengthens the central nervous system and circulatory system, relieves fatigue and exhaustion, relieves headache and aids in relaxation and relieving stress.

LAPIS LAZULI – It will help with vomiting, vertigo and pain. Lapis lazuli is also a great crystal for releasing pain and soothing the nervous system. It’s particularly useful when a headache stems from stress or menstrual cycles, or if you have a migraine. It’s also thought to be effective for sinus headaches.

ROSE QUARTZ – Rose Quartz activates the heart (fourth) chakra and promotes positive energy. It enhances all types of love: self-love, love for others, and unconditional love. It relieves anxiety, strengthens the central nervous system, helps relieve pain and headache, relieves fatigue and vertigo.

SELENITE – It has a powerful ethereal quality that quickly unblocks stagnant energy, leaving you with a calmer mind and a sense of peace and serenity. By promoting a positive energy flow, selenite relieves the exhaustion and fatigue that can be linked to migraines. Headaches also tend to cause the upper chakras to close. Selenite re-opens them, which could ease pain.

CLEAR QUARTZ – It’s a high vibrational crystal that brings balance and harmony to all the chakras. But it specifically works by opening the Crown Chakra at the top of the head, which can ease headaches. You can even direct negative energy away from the body with a clear quartz point, which may soothe a headache.

TURQUOISE – This is a powerful crystal for expressing repressed feelings, thoughts and emotions, which are often the cause of headaches. It does this through opening and balancing the Throat Chakra. Turquoise’s loving nature and tranquil colour can also help you slow down and reduce stress.

MOONSTONE – Moonstone is one of the best stones if your headache is caused by emotional stress or a hormone imbalance. The crystal’s powerful feminine energy, linked to the lunar cycle, is perfect when you’re feeling burnt-out or overburdened. Headaches often follow under this kind of stress, due to tight muscles in your head and neck. Moonstone’s link to lunar energies also makes it a great choice when suffering from headaches related to premenstrual tension, hormone imbalance or periods.

JADE and SAPPHIRE – helps soothe and calm headaches.

CITRINE – Helps soothe headaches caused by an imbalance between head energy and the solar plexus chakra, usually brought about by stress or unsuitable food.

HEMATITE – It is said to be effective in healing pain because it maintains the charge of nerve cells. Magnetic hematite will also regulate the blood flow in the body. It is also used to cure and relieve headaches and anemia. Additional physical benefits include relief from cramps, spinal problems and fractured bones.

SMOKY QUARTZ – Helps relieve headaches.

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