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An ode to Ms. Aretha Franklin!

They called you the Queen of Soul,
a mighty strong woman who moved souls,
with your voice, full and whole.
Deep from within, heaven on a string
raising our vibration, bringing us all into your ring!

You played your part
achieved from an early start.
The first woman you were to be inducted
into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
One of the world’s highest tokens, given for music and the few elected.

You showed us Gospel
with your vocal abundance,
had you us all glued
feeling life through your songs, your rhythm, your blues!

We lose another legend,
a true shining star sent,
who stood tall over sixty years
your beauty, your voice you lent.
Miss you we will dearly, even repent!

Thank you Ms Franklin,
made you proud
each and every Afro-American.
Demanded you a lil respect
for each woman, an important aspect.
Reached wider still, always sober
feel your loss, touched our hearts
the world over!

“Coffee & Bagels” Chapter 1

Being a ballet dancer had earned her a lot of flexibility and agility. Freya loved the feel of letting her instinct kick in, while listening to a new song, and just moving as if in one flow with the music. She tried becoming the music.

The entire process her mind went through was absolutely fascinating! Rhythm to her was just the connection of the vibrations between her and the chords.

Her mastered morning routine as soon as she awoke was to go for her jog at Central park, and on the way back, she would always stop at this adorable Coffee paradise, ‘Coffee & Bagels’, for her daily must-have breakfast ritual! That consisted of the biggest mug of coffee with her favourite extra-large portion of Rasberry cheesecake bagels!……

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The Sapphire ring

Realisation hit me suddenly. It was ever since I started wearing the ring that I couldn’t sleep anymore! The ring that I so loved. At first sight, as soon as I laid my eyes on it; I knew it had to be mine. Now sitting pretty on my finger, sparkling even brighter than before. It was an antique, a stunning royal blue Kashmir sapphire ring, in a handmade platinum setting, adorned with diamonds and filigree. The detailed etching was something that I hadn’t seen before. It had cost me a small fortune, but it so called to me; I would pay whatever the old lady asked for it. The old lady who owned the corner store, warned me that I should choose another one as this one she said had a “JuJu” on it. I remember laughing when I heard her say that word, an adorable accent she had, Peruvian I guessed.

What set the deal for me was the price, an economical one for such a stunner! I had to go back and ask her about this “JuJu” she spoke about, because ever since I wore the ring, many sleepless nights later, I felt uneasy. I recall having many dreams, but now my dreams were turning into the category of nightmares! They were becoming more real and vivid. I wondered if maybe my lack of sleep was for fear of having these terrible nightmares.

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