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Fume Events – Toxic Air In The Aircraft Cabin – By Dr. Jean-Michel Crabbé

A very interesting article published by Dr. Jean-Michel Crabbé (21 Sept 2019).

I am honoured that reference is made to my podcast on Aerotoxic Syndrome (The 3 Pillars – Aviation)!

Find the Article below in French…am working on a translation into English soon!

Fume Events – Toxic Air in the Aircraft Cabin – By Dr. Jean-Michel Crabbe

Find the link to the entire post here

Or the link : https://www.sitemed.fr/toxicologie/5_aerotoxic.htm

The International Aircraft Cabin Air Conference 2019

What an amazing Conference!

Considering that the fight is ongoing and strong with the many crew and passengers still being severely affected after taking a flight, this conference gives us another incredible shot at trying to work towards finding an effective solution.

Thanks to Tristan Loraine, his efficient team and the +30 speakers that made this event a thorough success.

It has definitely motivated all of us and given me the fuel to launch the follow-up to my Podcast series “The 3 Pillars” – Aviation. Stay tuned for more information on Aerotoxic Syndrome and positive ways moving forwards…

Episode 13 – Dr. John Midavaine


Episode 13 – Dr. John Midavaine

Guest Speaker – Dr. John Midavaine

John Midavaine studied medicine. Being focussed on health improvement, he came in contact with patients with huge numbers of flying hours, who were looking for answers to treat their neurological health problems.

John: “Besides my specialism in Sports Medicine, I have been engaged in Orthomolecular Medicine for a long time. In recent years I have frequently met people who fly frequently, either by profession or for business, often showing neurological problems. I’ve specialised in orthomolecular treatments in general, but in particular in top sport and aviation, which in a way is top sport as well. I achieved good results there, amongst others for patients who fly frequently.
Nevertheless, I want to find out more about causes and results, which will eventually allow us to move our focus towards prevention. At the time, unfortunately there is still insufficient knowledge about the neurological problems related to air travel.”

“This is the reason why I joined Stichting Fly Aware. Our ultimate goal is to show up in the future with more facts and evidence.”

Besides his activities for Stichting Fly Aware, John is a.o. the Head of a clinic for Lifestyle Medicine: Lifemedic.nl

Dr. John Midavaine Contact:


or via email info@lifemedic.nl

Pro-Health Medical

Stichting Fly Aware

FB: Stichting Fly Aware

Twitter: @FlyAware

E-mail: info@flyaware.nl

Diagrams to understand Orthomolecular Medicine:

Postsynaptic Cell
Detoxification Process


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Episode 12 – Kathrin Bary-Schüller


Episode 12 – Kathrin Bary-Schüller

Guest Speaker – Kathrin Bary-Schüller

Kathrin is a 39 year old mother of two beautiful sons, who started her career in aviation 18 years ago as check in agent while still studying economics at university. In 2005 she felt like she needed a break from studying and started flying. She never went back, the virus infected her. She loved it!

3 years later she became Purser (head of the cabin).

Her career had a rough ending in 2016, after experiencing 5 Fume Events within 22 months ( 2014 – 2016). In 2018 she became permanently unfit to fly due to the chronic health effects and impairments that resulted from the fume events.

Kathrin is the founder as well as board member of the nonprofit organization Patient initiative Contaminated Cabin Air, P-CoC in short. She also runs her blog “Kabinenlobby”. She also advocates politically for the improvement of the legal status of affected crew after fume events.

Kathrin Contact:



Organisations page

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Episode 12 – The 3 Pillars…Coming soon

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