“Coffee & Bagels” Look out for it!

We have a winner!!!🏆🎉

Dear friends,

Thanks to all of you for responding with your suggestion for my next book cover.

“White” won unmistakably!!

I will also be announcing the winner of a copy of my latest book ‘Coffee & Bagels’ soon….

So keep a look out to see if it might be you 😁💝💕💋

“Coffee & Bagels” Chapter 1

Being a ballet dancer had earned her a lot of flexibility and agility. Freya loved the feel of letting her instinct kick in, while listening to a new song, and just moving as if in one flow with the music. She tried becoming the music.

The entire process her mind went through was absolutely fascinating! Rhythm to her was just the connection of the vibrations between her and the chords.

Her mastered morning routine as soon as she awoke was to go for her jog at Central park, and on the way back, she would always stop at this adorable Coffee paradise, ‘Coffee & Bagels’, for her daily must-have breakfast ritual! That consisted of the biggest mug of coffee with her favourite extra-large portion of Rasberry cheesecake bagels!……

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