My Christmas Give-Away 💖

Chriselda Barretto

Welcome to my Christmas Give-Away Quiz!

The Christmas Give-Away Gift consists of my first 3 Bestselling Books:
The Creep/She Said!/Dreams & Dew

To win the Give-Away Gift, you need to answer 2 easy questions here…

So Good luck and Happy Guessing!!

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Be a part of ‘SHIFT’

Dear friends,

I am thinking up for my next write…

It is going to be a Non-Fiction book based on Aviation; long & short term health dilemmas, different aspects of safety, environmental impact…and more!

I will be starting research on the topic soon and am looking for volunteers to give me any information they might see as important to share with the world.

Please remember my aim is not to criticize but to help current systems improve, by providing real-life thoughts and experiences. In addition, all information provided will be anonymous!!!

So if you have an impactful thought or story to share please DM me…

Be a part of ‘SHIFT’ :
Sharing Helpful Information For Tomorrow!

HELP me choose…

Dear friends,

Calling out to all of you to help me choose.

Watch the video & then tell me what your choice is!

The 3 choices are:
1- The Creep
2- Dreams & Dew
3- Accursed Forest

A big thank you to all for participating! 💋

18 November -The World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims

The Day has become an important tool in global efforts to reduce road casualties. It offers an opportunity for drawing attention to the scale of emotional and economic devastation caused by road crashes and for giving recognition to the suffering of road crash victims and the work of support and rescue services.