Book signing

My dear friends

Following your interest in my books, I am planning a book signing in Belgium soon.

Information on venue and dates to follow!

For those who haven’t yet bought a copy of my books, and would like to…You can do so through me!

Please fill out the contact form below with your request and get a 20% discount on all of my paperback books!

Don’t forget to bring them along for the book signing! 😊

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‘Candy Mum’ New Book Coming Soon…Read The Synopsis

Living in this fast paced world, Cece was well set up. Having tried out and not succeeding at the marriage circuit twice, she had given up hope on the philosophy of being monogamous.

This time around, she would choose freedom and a life of fun. Her kids, Steff and Steven were teenagers now and quite self-sufficient. So open-mindedly hoping for a clearer, happier path ahead, she decided this was going to be her game plan from now on. It couldn’t hurt to try another lifestyle… after all we all have just one life to live… so let’s live large!!

He is obsessed with her and he will not stop until he makes her ‘HIS’! She belongs to him alone or he would kill for it. He knows what she doesn’t know yet… that she loves him!

Game on…

You play the detective here and you decide who ‘HE’ is!