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Do you know about the healing properties of the crystal – Jade?

Learn more about it below:

– Protective stone

– Keeps the wearer from harm

– Brings harmony

– Attracts good luck and friendship

– Stabilises the personality

– Promotes self-sufficiency

– Soothes the mind

– Releases negative thoughts

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Disclaimer: The outlined metaphysical and healing properties in this website are for inspiration and reference. I gather this information and alleged properties from writings, books, folklore and various other sources. They are also dependent upon the attitude and beliefs of the individual. Furthermore they do not replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified therapist or physician.

Introducing – BUSY BYTES

Before I introduce my concept of BUSY BYTES, let me give you a quick idea of who I am.

These are some of the many things I have going on, and as my creativity is madly peaking, I am in the process of coming up with many, many more :).

Here are some of the things I have my fingers dipped in momentarily…

  • A mother of 3 (nearly-there adult, pretty demanding gorgeous :)) kids
  • A writer/poet
  • A blogger
  • A podcaster
  • An interviewer
  • A journalist
  • A jewelry designer
  • A healer
  • A music connoisseur (the generic type)
  • A homemade soap maker
  • A Chemist by degree but a herbalist at heart
  • An art lover
  • A fashion addict
  • A guru on Self-Publishing
  • A marketeer and entrepreneur
  • A quotist
  • A speaker
  • An avid healthy cook
  • A food lover
  • A Zumba fitness instructor
  • A (Life) Self-help Coach
  • A Holistic Counsellor
  • A Reiki practitioner (in the making)
  • And not forgetting my full time 9-to-5 job (Yes! that too :))

Amazing isn’t it! And I love what I do and create, always bubbling with umpteen ideas and then going about trying to set them in motion.

People often ask me how I manage to do what I do and my answer has been simply that I am passionately in love with life, always learning and thankful and grateful for each, rising, waking day! Something that I stress on is having grit and being organised with an end goal in sight! To outsiders, sometimes I might seem chaotic and all over the place, but on the contrary I am pretty laser-focused and my creativity has a design in place. That place being in my mind, in my space, in my vision :).

So what is “BUSY BYTES” you might ask? Well, “BUSY BYTES” is a space I will create for different posts centered around…to name a few…healthy lifestyle habits, healthy food, tips, tutorials, parenting insights, recipes, favorite recommended hangouts, articles, fashion trends and much much more.

So, if like me you are trying to get everything done, on time and multitasking to perform at your optimum best, in these crazy, unexpected times we share, then you might enjoy some of the things I will be sharing with you.

And I will cater to all; I mean all dear ladies and gents, totally gender fluid posts with no judgement at all…You choose! 🙂

I am so excited to begin this journey with you and I hope you can join me on BUSY BYTES @

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So stay tuned and see you all very soon @ BUSY BYTES



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Top 10 – Weekly Hot Listens Radar (13 Sept – 20 Sept 2020)

Here are the top 10 tracks on my playlist and bubbling hits in the make 🙂

So without further ado…listed below are some of my favorites for this week!

Week 13 Sept – 20 Sept 2020

1. Love Is Religion (The Blessed Madonna Remix) – Dua Lipa

2. My only – COKER

3. Yami Bolo –  Vybz Kartel

4. Bad Habits – Usher

5. Over Now – Calvin Harris, The Weeknd

6. Lighter – Tarrus Riley, Shenseea, Rvssian

7. Control You – The Kemist, Johnny Roxx, Kalibandulu

8. Missed A Spot – Dinah Jane

9. You Know – Gen Bello

10. Snack – Keke Palmer

This week’s list on Spotify

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Source – YouTube and Spotify

Read My latest Article – What’s Golden Milk?

Read Article 12 – What’s Golden Milk?

Learn about ‘Golden Milk’ and all its benefits. I also share my simple recipe in this article. Enjoy!

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Read my article – Healing stones…what are they?

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Chris-Tal Healing Info Sessions

Get to know my specialized Christ-Tal healing bracelets

1 – Meditation Bracelet


1-Meditation Bracelet

Check out my healing jewelry collection:

Read my article – Healing stones…what are they?

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Discover my jewelry collection: “Handmade by Chriselda B”

Chris-Tal Healing Info Sessions