Our Dance

Dance with me in the moonlight

Take my hand

Curve my spine with your hand a-slight!

Swirl on the beats

Gently but strong following the feet

Maintain the lines

Forming a whole is what you seek!

Lengthen the step

More complex it will get

Free the spirit

Unleash your regret!

Take this dance further up

See those eyes around you stare

Awe and spellbound, will they dare?

One step to the next

Clear the way, this is a concept

To lead so they follow

Into the depths so hollow!

A poem by Chriselda Barretto

From her book – Must Love Poetry

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Truth, it be told!

Learned was that race, the blessed

Consciousness teaching on a miniscule

Awaiting sunrise and sunset to prove!

Then they came, they saw and conquered

Kings of emptiness, thinking they be matured.

Far from it, further from the skies above

Digging deeper into their materialistic encode.

Truth, it will now emerge

Engrained in every sand of earth

Blossoms of hope round the corner

Wait for it, it will divinely devour!

A poem by Chriselda Barretto

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That night – A snippet…


He gently moved the strand of golden-brown hair

off her forlorn eyes,

intense was his search

as he gazed upon her

whispering: “Let me in, take me to that secret place.”


She didn’t resist, how could she?

He was here now, next to her

after all these lonely years!

She always regretted what had happened

that cold, winter’s night in May.

She remembered him coming into their cottage,

taking off his boots with a thud.

Her body shivered from the echo of the loud bang


By Chriselda Barretto

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