The Night…An excerpt

The Night

Jamie was sweating profusely. Her room at this ramshackled, old motel inn wasn’t worth much, but the least you would expect was an air-conditioning system that functioned normally. But no! That was way too civilised for this run-down inn.

Getting out of her bed, she decided to go outside and have a ciggy on the veranda. Unlocking her door, she stepped out into the cool, dark air. It was so silent here, and the parking lot facing her room was completely empty.

Lighting up her cigarette, she realised that this was her last one, she’d have to go downstairs and buy a packet from one of the cigarette dispensers she had seen earlier. Taking a long slow inhalation of nicotine-filled air, she allowed the air to enter her lungs. After what seemed like a minute, she exhaled it out. Wow! That felt so good, so much like home. Going in for the second round, she let her eyes wander around the scenery surrounding her.

Thick woods covered the outskirts of the property, full with trees, shrubs and green leaves. The sound of the rustling leaves, moving gently in coordination with the light breeze was so relaxing. It actually was much cooler here than inside that furnace like room of hers. It was a good decision on her part, coming outside to cool down!

Strangely her eyes settled on something white far ahead, in the bushes. It seemed like a statue of some sort, a little girl maybe, she could tell because it was the only thing that wasn’t swaying with the wind, in her line of sight….

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Aviation Stories – 1. Dying to Fly

Chapter 1

Ellen sat in the waiting room looking at the clock on the wall. She was stressed which wasn’t normal for her, as she had been through quite a few near death situations before where she always maintained her calm. So why today? Why was she feeling so shaky and raw?

An Excerpt….

© Chriselda Barretto

Image by Ekaterina Pokrovsky

Help me choose…💙

I have just been asked to write a series of short stories for an online magazine…
What do you think would be the most interesting genre??
Thanks for your viewpoint..🍀

Choices could be
1 – Non-Fiction (like aviation related)
2 – Horror
3 – Romance
4 – Poetry
5 – Crime/Mystery
6 – Fantasy
7 – ….You tell me??

Thanks again…am so looking forward to this 💗