Menopause Balance Bracelet

Menopause Balance Bracelet

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With 8 (11) Menopause balancing healing crystals –  Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Lepidolite, Chrysocolla, Moonstone, Malachite, Citrine, BloodStone, Carnelian, Amethyst

BloodStone – It is also useful in balancing female hormonal imbalances and helping to stabilise the hormones throughout menopause. It revitalizes your body and mind. 

Moonstone – Moonstone is excellent for menopausal symptoms as it helps to balance the hormones, calming the roller coaster ride of your emotions, easing stress and anxiety.

Amethyst – boosts hormone production, relieves tension, alleviates headaches and reduces bloating. Amethyst strengthens the cleansing and eliminating organs and circulatory system.

Carnelian – Carnelian stimulates, balances and heals women’s reproductive systems including the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix and vagina. Carnelian is said to be both energising and giving relief from depression. Carnelian helps to balance the Sacral chakra, cleanse, clear and emit healing energy to the reproductive system as it goes through this transition.

Citrine – Citrine is a powerful cleanser and regenerator. It is useful for aiding in menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes. Citrine can help to control hot flashes and balance the yin and yang. Working with the Sacral-, Solar-Plexus-, and Third-Eye Chakras, Citrine can enhance the energy flow between these chakras, ameliorating symptoms of menopause.

Clear Quartz – Helps with concentration and decision making. It would be wonderful if you can find a double terminated clear quartz crystal: This crystal simultaneously absorbs and emits energy in both directions, which can help you to flow with the transition/change.

Smoky Quartz – Helps ground with Earth energies and the Root Chakra. Use Smokey Quartz to absorb and transmute the hot flash energy, which will help to cool the body.

Lapis Lazuli – Good for insomnia. In general, Lapis Lazuli smoothens mental and physical transitions.

Lepidolite – Can help to cool  and balance the body

Chrysocolla – possesses an energetic ability to lower blood pressure and strengthen weak blood vessels. It has the ability to re-energise all of your energy systems. It also helps to calm and soothe emotional stress, nerves, anxiety and depression. It alleviates PMS and all menstrual cramping.

Malachite – It assists with restoring strength and vitality after an infirmity. It also supports the formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin. Malachite is an extremely versatile healing stone. It is particularly useful for cramps, including menstrual cramps.

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