Menstrual Relief Bracelet

Menstrual Relief Bracelet

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With 8 Menstrual Relief healing crystals –  Chrysocolla, Moonstone, Malachite, Citrine, Rose Quartz, BloodStone, Carnelian, Amethyst,

Chrysocolla – possesses an energetic ability to lower blood pressure and strengthen weak blood vessels. It has the ability to re-energise all of your energy systems. It also helps to calm and soothe emotional stress, nerves, anxiety and depression. Chrysocolla will assist women who wish to get pregnant by healing and enhancing their reproductive organs. It alleviates PMS and all menstrual cramping.

Moonstone – It can be helpful in stabilising female cycles. ​Moonstone helps the digestive and reproductive systems, assimilates nutrients, eliminates toxins and fluid retention. It is excellent for PMS, conception, pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.

Malachite – It assists with restoring strength and vitality after an infirmity. It also supports the formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin. Malachite is an extremely versatile healing stone. It is particularly useful for cramps, including menstrual cramps. It helps with childbirth and aids midwives in their tasks.

Citrine – Citrine is a powerful cleanser and regenerator. It is useful for aiding in menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes. It is also beneficial for PMS, balancing out hormones and alleviating fatigue. It reduces toxicity in the body, relieves back pain and eases skin problems and allergies. It is an effective remedy for depressive illnesses or phobias. 

Rose Quartz – Rose quartz stimulates the blood circulation in the tissues. It fortifies the heart and sexual organs, helps with sexual problems and encourages fertility. It clears the mind, bringing a sense of relief and eases pain.

BloodStone – It has the ability to neutralize toxins in the body and cleanses the blood and spleen. It can aid in blood disorders like anemia and heavy menses. It revitalizes your body and mind. 

Carnelian – Carnelian stimulates, balances and heals women’s reproductive systems including the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix and vagina. Carnelian eases premenstrual syndrome, irregular menstrual cycles, cramps, and can bring on your menstrual cycle if puberty is delayed for too long.

Amethyst – boosts hormone production, relieves tension, alleviates headaches, reduces bloating and helps to regulate your cycle. Amethyst strengthens the cleansing and eliminating organs and circulatory system.

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