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New Books Release!!! – Letters Greek – Book 4, 5, 6, 7

Here are :

Book 4 : Letters – Greek – Capitals

Book 5 : Letters – Greek – Small

Book 6 : Pocket book – Letters – Greek – Capitals

Book 7 : Pocket book – Letters – Greek – Small


What makes Letters (Greek) colouring book unique:

– A first of its kind colouring book introducing kids to a foreign language

– It incorporates learning into fun

– All the letter illustrations are done by hand

– Unique hand drawn patterns

– Dashed-lined letters helping kids to trace on

– Letters with accompanying arrows, showing how to write each letter


Find them all here

Eat, pray, weep…?

Shelter from heat
Is that all we seek?

Wishing on a passing cloud
Is that all that holds benefitting clout?

Sing in my praise, before they sleep
Eat, pray, weep…is that the order of the sheep?

Come on by with a wistful must
Shatter those chains of an aged past
Unwilling though…you still find trust!

For look ahead, far deep into the light
A challenging sword, in all its might
Clearing boundaries…all around, left and then right
Herein lies my evergreen, vengeful delight!

A poem by Chriselda Barretto

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