Announcing my collaboration with Cambridge masks!

My dear listeners, friends, followers,

I am happy to announce my collaboration with Cambridge masks!

Keeping the safety of ourselves and especially our loved ones in mind, all of us should carry a mask whether it be on board an aircraft or in a highly polluted city.

So if you feel the calling…go to

and get 10% off using my code : “CHRISELDA”

“Breathe clean and stay safe”…❤️

Book signing

My dear friends

Following your interest in my books, I am planning a book signing in Belgium soon.

Information on venue and dates to follow!

For those who haven’t yet bought a copy of my books, and would like to…You can do so through me!

Please fill out the contact form below with your request and get a 20% discount on all of my paperback books!

Don’t forget to bring them along for the book signing! 😊

Find a description to all my books at ‘’