My Christmas Give-Away 💋

Dear friends
My Christmas Give-Away Quiz is coming to an end!

The Christmas Give-Away Gift consists of my first 3 bestselling Books:
The Creep + She Said! + Dreams & Dew

To win the Give-Away Gift, answer 2 questions here…

So try your luck and win my books!! 💋

Help me choose…💙

I have just been asked to write a series of short stories for an online magazine…
What do you think would be the most interesting genre??
Thanks for your viewpoint..🍀

Choices could be
1 – Non-Fiction (like aviation related)
2 – Horror
3 – Romance
4 – Poetry
5 – Crime/Mystery
6 – Fantasy
7 – ….You tell me??

Thanks again…am so looking forward to this 💗

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