The International Aircraft Cabin Air Conference 2019

What an amazing Conference!

Considering that the fight is ongoing and strong with the many crew and passengers still being severely affected after taking a flight, this conference gives us another incredible shot at trying to work towards finding an effective solution.

Thanks to Tristan Loraine, his efficient team and the +30 speakers that made this event a thorough success.

It has definitely motivated all of us and given me the fuel to launch the follow-up to my Podcast series “The 3 Pillars” – Aviation. Stay tuned for more information on Aerotoxic Syndrome and positive ways moving forwards…

Episode 9 – Bearnairdine Beaumont


Episode 9 – Bearnairdine Beaumont

Guest Speaker – Bearnairdine Beaumont

After experiencing the misfortune of becoming unfit to fly and being more or less forced into medical retirement,  Bearnairdine became involved in research to improve the quality of aircraft cabin air and has become a busy advocate and voice for the campaign. For years now she has been helping aerotoxic fume victims to understand their ill-health.

Over the years after a lot of trial and error, her own health improved somewhat. Before beginning her flying career she qualified as a laboratory assistant and decided to use that education and combine it with naturopathy. She qualified as a naturopath in Biofeedback, Neuro-Electro-Anatomy, Herbalism. 

In 2013 Bearnairdine founded the ‘Aerotoxic Team’, a very informative website containing evidence, documentaries, testimonies, science and news. She also has a blog called “It’s in the air we breathe” and writes articles for news outlets. Bearnairdine networks internationally with experts, scientists and other ‘clean cabin air’ advocates and appeared in the investigative documentary “Unfiltered Breathed In”.

In 2016  Bearnairdine published two books in two languages in which she talks about her Aerotoxic journey. It is not only part of her story with many colorful high-lights from her flying years, it also helps understand what actually causes Aerotoxic Syndrome. Her third book: ‘Tomb in the Sky’ is being launched any day now.

She retreated from the modern world which has become increasingly saturated with chemical fumes everywhere, and is now living in a beautiful, very secluded ‘clean-air’ area in the Swiss Alps with her little dog ‘Dolly’. From there she continues to support the Aerotoxic Syndrome campaign via computer and telephone.

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