The Suffragettes….(Happy Mother’s Day)

She cried out of her senses

Sheer despair, beaming at its hinges

Shedding her thoughts and beliefs

Resting in her mind’s deepest crevices!

With every drop, inching out attached negativity

Spreading thin, creeping riddled sensitivities

Cleansing out the coloured palettes

Years of depressed feministic rights and fates

Blooming on with the beautiful suffragettes!

© Chriselda Barretto

Dedicated to Mother daughter suffragettes: Christabel and Emmeline Pankhurst

The Quarrel!

Bring out those unsolicited claims
Witness in your heart pretentious gains
Blowing worthiness of splendour and gold
Tell me this isn’t true or revoltingly untold!

Say ye, thee wise men
Born into the stressful messy den
Unfold thy lids, covered with years of dust
Belong to this song, make no precipitating fuss!

Rush thee now, whistle on fours
Turn that wind dial, hush then some more
Terror draw you out of your circle
Enter my square, begin now that ultimate quarrel!

©Chriselda Barretto

The dark alley!

“Come away with me,
Just follow on”, he said

My senses tingling with dread
Holding on to my last sane shred!

Up ahead was a dark alley
Leading into fear and folly
Screams echoing from far behind
The sky looking dark and blood red

He turned towards me now
Offering his hand out, for me to hold
Terror rising, fast and utterly bold!

Should I turn and run to flee?
Should I stay, knowing not what will be?

The pleasure of anticipation burning bright
Cares left far behind, in this unholy night!

I grab his palm, stepping into the shadows
Come what may, fear or fright
Hoping earnestly the next few seconds
Will bring me to light!

© Chriselda Barretto

‘Dreams & Dew’- Book Review


This Read Was an Enjoyable, Learning Experience for Me

on 9 November 2018

This is the third Chriselda Barretto book that I have finished in less than a week and I am pleased to tell you that it was an enjoyable, learning experience for me with its poems and their storylines and all. I truly found this book entertaining and suitable for my reading tastes I am so happy to recommend it to you to go ahead and order it for your Kindle collection right now. The poems here are multi-themed, with elements ranging from romance to thriller to inspirational. In all honesty, I have found a poetry book (here) that mirrors my own books that I have written and published. Just to give a preview of what I liked from this book, here are a few quotes or lines that I am sure will help you make your ultimate decision on buying it for yourself or your loved one for this upcoming gift-giving holiday season this year!

“Raindrops falling from eyes/ teardrops falling from the skies/…Pain to bring joy/ Happiness to lead to suffering…” I found the subjects in these lines to be opposite of each other, yet they are so true which shows Barretto’s amazing wisdom and insight.

“Under the bright moonlight/ cometh she out her mound/ skin glistening like/ little shimmering diamonds/ yearning for love and affection/ always facing rejection…” This has dual meanings for me. There is the mermaid from Andersen’s fairy tale and then there is the man/woman who faces rejection when they just want love and affection therefore it is forbidden love…

Other poems and prose in this fascinating and magical book of Barretto’s are obviously influenced by her ethnic heritage’s Hinduism where she mentions names of deities of that religion throughout the book and it’s all so beautiful to my reading tastes. (I like it when someone has vast knowledge of his or her multicultural background.)

There are also poems that tell stories of romance and love that I am happy to inform you to have inspired me in my own plans for my third poetry collection. I tell you if there is a poet out there that has a fresh voice and point of view right now for me it would be Barretto here. I love how she manipulates the structure of her poetic lines to make them rhyme with each other, that to me, is talent and yes, Barretto has incredible talent. Her English vocabulary level is vast and she knows a lot to give her poems here that professionalism that great poets and writers possess.

I really enjoyed this third book of hers and I wholeheartedly urge you to give her a chance, order a copy of this beauty for yourself to experience her gift for yourself. I recommend this book to all those who love skillful poetry and prose, because you will be amazed by her unique and fresh voice. One final note: I truly enjoyed this work of hers from the other two I previously reviewed because this is art at its best and it has inspired me to write poems that will follow her technique. Good stuff, way to go Barretto!

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Atonement in Writing!

Writing away the pain
A beautiful way to stray
Such an innovative way
To get rid of those nasty feelings
Those which would otherwise stay!
Let flow the emotions
Bring out the sentiment
Bleed it onto that parched sheet
Ensuring for you
A manner to delete
All of the remaining sleet!
Need it not only be in writing
It could extend to anything
Painting, singing even simply talking!
Find your positivity, creativity and endearment
Bringing an end to your bereavement
An ultimate atonement!


What’s Ghosting you ask
Belonging not only to the past
A popular act of our generation
Done it is often and pretty vast
As simple as texting and putting on a mask!

Consider it your good luck
Escaping by the trim of your cap
Fault it be not with you
Because reliability and sincerity they simply lack!

Listen up I will tell you
Better off with the real ones are you
Never to leave you at stake
Stay, fight, defend and live
Here with you now, never to forsake!

© Chriselda Barretto

Book review – The Creep


A Poetic Narrative Featuring Christian and Mythological Elements
on 2 November 2018

The Creep by Chriselda Barretto is an interesting and original idea of its kind epic poem featuring a horrific monster dubbed by Barretto as the “Creep” that resembles the Greek monster, Medusa that comes to people through their dreams. It does not have a given name just that it is a creepy demon that only a certain little boy is destined to send back to wherever diabolical place it originated from. This is a new form of poetry book that is labeled as a thriller on Amazon’s website. It is similar to the Greek greats The Odyssey and The Iliad in that it tells a story through a narrator and this book is inspired by the Christian story of the villainous satan that was banished from heaven and is said to be on earth to wreak havoc only to be destroyed by the Lord Almighty’s son Jesus Christ. So I guess it’s safe to say that this book has a universal appeal to all those who are aware of Christ and His enemy satan.

This book is short and concise, the poetic lines are not lengthy but are rightfully brief and simple. It is written in a sort of way by Barretto to probably let each line rhyme and go smoothly with each other as a whole in order to be read poetically by avid readers of poetry books. I found no faults within this book except that to the amateur poetry reader, he or she may find the rhythm to be off-putting but as a poet myself, I can say that it is for the words’ syllables and consonants to flow rhythmically. I finished this book in two days but could have been shorter if I wasn’t too tired from the Halloween craze of two days ago.

I suggest this book to those die-hard fans of poetry who may love a new poetic theme, in this case, the horror genre because in all my years on this earth the only horrific kind of poetry book I’ve read was Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven and Other Poems and that’s about it. Barretto has sparked an interest in me for scary-themed poems and for epic poetry as well. Good luck to the author and her writing career and to everyone reading this book, try it out and see if it fancies you. I think a collector of poetry books should add this rare gem to his or her library. I think Barretto’s work here has made me feel like I should search for more book-length epic poems with all sorts of themes ranging from horror to suspense to romance of course to entertain me during this upcoming magical season of winter. God bless!


Hear the beats
Align your senses
Synchronise the vibrations
Starting at your feet!

Gently raise it higher
Alight each pore
Emotions engaging in galore
Bring in rhythm
Strike at the very core.

Notice your feelings
Utter happiness, never predicted
Pleasure and privilege, deeply inflicted!

Movements follow, engage and focus
Coordination in arms, legs, limbs in whole
Feel no coy or distraction
A level new in elevation
Giving sheer joy and detoxification!


© Chriselda Barretto


Beautiful reality
Touching the sky
In all its glory!

Coloured arches of divinity
Bringing happiness, joy, subtlety!

Watch it, stare even
If you find one
Smile always to follow!

Small intricacies of nature
In one’s heart to swallow!

Treasure we seek at the end of it
Thinks me, lies it in your mind
Enriching your eyes for your find!


Picture credit – Leo Wieling