The Quarrel!

Bring out those unsolicited claims
Witness in your heart pretentious gains
Blowing worthiness of splendour and gold
Tell me this isn’t true or revoltingly untold!

Say ye, thee wise men
Born into the stressful messy den
Unfold thy lids, covered with years of dust
Belong to this song, make no precipitating fuss!

Rush thee now, whistle on fours
Turn that wind dial, hush then some more
Terror draw you out of your circle
Enter my square, begin now that ultimate quarrel!

©Chriselda Barretto

Intelligence being!

The search has just begun
The find of an intelligent being
To interact with and be part of the scene!

Wishing on a rare kind of star
To humour and bring out the hidden dark!

Waiting for the magnanimous universe
To select, delete, investigate and uncurse!

A graze of good fortune, in much abundance
Droplets of good luck on this prance
Filled with stupendous hope and lit up darts
Giving a firm but gentle nuance!

Worries aside, fear and expectations by the side
Extremely good thoughts and focus in mind
The skies are looking positively clear
Brimming full of my endless cheer!

©Chriselda Barretto

The Complicity

The complicities of love
Laid bare emotions
Fulfilment of devotion
Enriching dormant dead imagination!

Intricately binding at every pore
Feelings of astonishing galore
Ring in the new, lovely dew
Enlisting joy as one of the many few!

Picture perfect at a glance
Try it then, take a seldom chance
Feel not barred nor battered nor inflicted
Ending may vary, worth it even if restricted!

Promises and vows
Rich in binding thy very now
Open to the merge, souls conflicted
Bear this in mind for when indicted!

©Chriselda Barretto

Art: Complicity – by Amanda Hone


Unchain my soul
Unhook my desire
Unbind this precious fire
Burning my entire!

Unsing your devoted words
Take me on a voyage, leave the dirt
In line with this situational birth
Unsaddled, muddled back on to earth!

Separated and freed
Falling away, into the sheets
No…No…. Hesitation rises deep
Back towards you, I want to leap!

Protect my fall, usher in your call
Chained now, beginning my crawl!

©Chriselda Barretto

Art – Nautical Chain by artist Billye Woodford

Living in the 21st century!

Can you tell me why:
Someone with no kids
Gives you tips on parenting!
Someone without a committed relationship
Gives you advice on couples therapy!
Someone without grace and elegance
Is promoted to be a role-model!
Someone who is absolutely unfit
Gives you tips on staying fit!

Is this life in the 21st century?
Full of fake-ness and iconicity!
Living in a rose tinted bubble are we?
Half asleep, stuck in the middle it seems!

Question, seek, weigh out logically
Find your own truth, be wise, seek true honesty
Research, read, weed out all dishonesty!

From mother to son…

When I think of the world
Of all I love and cherish
It all stems to that one moment
When I held you, without a single blemish!

Your smile, your eyes, teeny little fingers
Holding on dearly, capturing my thoughts
Blanking out everything, all the love you brought!

Dear little thing, never forget
You are my heart
Bound together from the very start!

Happy 16th my baby boy! 💙

©Chriselda Barretto

The dark alley!

“Come away with me,
Just follow on”, he said

My senses tingling with dread
Holding on to my last sane shred!

Up ahead was a dark alley
Leading into fear and folly
Screams echoing from far behind
The sky looking dark and blood red

He turned towards me now
Offering his hand out, for me to hold
Terror rising, fast and utterly bold!

Should I turn and run to flee?
Should I stay, knowing not what will be?

The pleasure of anticipation burning bright
Cares left far behind, in this unholy night!

I grab his palm, stepping into the shadows
Come what may, fear or fright
Hoping earnestly the next few seconds
Will bring me to light!

© Chriselda Barretto

‘Dreams & Dew’- Book Review


This Read Was an Enjoyable, Learning Experience for Me

on 9 November 2018

This is the third Chriselda Barretto book that I have finished in less than a week and I am pleased to tell you that it was an enjoyable, learning experience for me with its poems and their storylines and all. I truly found this book entertaining and suitable for my reading tastes I am so happy to recommend it to you to go ahead and order it for your Kindle collection right now. The poems here are multi-themed, with elements ranging from romance to thriller to inspirational. In all honesty, I have found a poetry book (here) that mirrors my own books that I have written and published. Just to give a preview of what I liked from this book, here are a few quotes or lines that I am sure will help you make your ultimate decision on buying it for yourself or your loved one for this upcoming gift-giving holiday season this year!

“Raindrops falling from eyes/ teardrops falling from the skies/…Pain to bring joy/ Happiness to lead to suffering…” I found the subjects in these lines to be opposite of each other, yet they are so true which shows Barretto’s amazing wisdom and insight.

“Under the bright moonlight/ cometh she out her mound/ skin glistening like/ little shimmering diamonds/ yearning for love and affection/ always facing rejection…” This has dual meanings for me. There is the mermaid from Andersen’s fairy tale and then there is the man/woman who faces rejection when they just want love and affection therefore it is forbidden love…

Other poems and prose in this fascinating and magical book of Barretto’s are obviously influenced by her ethnic heritage’s Hinduism where she mentions names of deities of that religion throughout the book and it’s all so beautiful to my reading tastes. (I like it when someone has vast knowledge of his or her multicultural background.)

There are also poems that tell stories of romance and love that I am happy to inform you to have inspired me in my own plans for my third poetry collection. I tell you if there is a poet out there that has a fresh voice and point of view right now for me it would be Barretto here. I love how she manipulates the structure of her poetic lines to make them rhyme with each other, that to me, is talent and yes, Barretto has incredible talent. Her English vocabulary level is vast and she knows a lot to give her poems here that professionalism that great poets and writers possess.

I really enjoyed this third book of hers and I wholeheartedly urge you to give her a chance, order a copy of this beauty for yourself to experience her gift for yourself. I recommend this book to all those who love skillful poetry and prose, because you will be amazed by her unique and fresh voice. One final note: I truly enjoyed this work of hers from the other two I previously reviewed because this is art at its best and it has inspired me to write poems that will follow her technique. Good stuff, way to go Barretto!

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Atonement in Writing!

Writing away the pain
A beautiful way to stray
Such an innovative way
To get rid of those nasty feelings
Those which would otherwise stay!
Let flow the emotions
Bring out the sentiment
Bleed it onto that parched sheet
Ensuring for you
A manner to delete
All of the remaining sleet!
Need it not only be in writing
It could extend to anything
Painting, singing even simply talking!
Find your positivity, creativity and endearment
Bringing an end to your bereavement
An ultimate atonement!