+Image Building Step 2

“High time to go inwards!”

Chriselda Barretto

Hello friends,

Thank you for taking this next step forward!

Let’s get started….


Step 2

Our external world focuses mainly on superficial things. These outward shows give us temporary pleasure, until we try reaching for the next one thing. But there comes a point where we have all felt like something is missing no matter how rich, well-paid, well educated, or professionally well defined !… that’s when we need to go inwards.

“Soul searching they call it!”

Finding your inner voice/soul/conscience has never been taught to us but it is a pseudo science that is very much existent. It is evident all around us if we only took a moment free, to reflect on a deeper level.

We all get so consumed with living our daily life that we sometimes forget our basic needs and ideals as human beings. Being kind, compassionate, caring are basic key ideals all of us possess but we often forget their presence!

“Helping discover you!”

To find oneness with your core being, you must become more aware of your own strengths and weaknesses. What you will realise is that you had the answers all along. A little bit of digging and you will discover that all you need to shine, is simply just learning you better.

“Finding your balance will help re-centre your life and truly LIVE instead of just exist.”

We will take a step by step process of understanding, why we are the way we are…our reactions, thought patterns…realising our nature and ultimately adapting ourselves to better enrich our lives with more peace and happiness.

«Knowledge and Awareness are key»

Knowledge of you and awareness of your hindrances will be key to your journey.

At the end of it I hope you come out stronger.. a ‘leader’ ready for the attack, with all your armour on.

“One step at a time is all it takes to reach the goal/(s) you will set!”


PS: Homework for next week!

Think about or jot down:

3 of your biggest strengths and 3 of your biggest weaknesses..

Bon Voyage!


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