+ Image Building Step 5


« Decide your direction
Set your own path up
GO for it! »

Chriselda Barretto

Step 5

Welcome back. Hope you had a great week ! Let’s go on then…..

Setting goals is an important step of any process. Once you’ve decided what you want to achieve, you need to set a goal for yourself.

“This is your target and setting a time range in trying to achieve it makes you stay more focused.”

Marked below are some important questions you need to ask yourself in order to figure your way forward. It also helps to write things done, which would provide more clarity. Have a look…..

 Setting goals and working on it

– What do you want to achieve at the end of this?
– What is your goal?
– How can you help yourself get there?

To be able to set goals you would need to find yourself in a calm state so that nothing distracts or aggravates you. This will allow you some time to focus on what you really want to achieve.

Some more questions to centre yourself and your mind, can be like the ones mentioned below.

– Can you deflect/distract/calm yourself down?
– How do/can you calm yourself down?
– Where do you feel most relaxed? and why?

Once you are able to relax, concentrate, search deep within to find your goals, you will be more confident and able in trying to work at achieving them.

Write down your goals, aims, hindrances, advantages, motivators, etc. A kind of checklist that would help you step by step through your journey.

Another important factor/outlook, that I would like to focus on, that you should have during this entire process, actually generally through life is positivity!

 Positive focus/outlook

Let’s talk about some ways of achieving or maintaining a positive mindset :

Start your day positive – Many people like to have a morning ritual. It simply means habituating yourself with you daily morning schedule giving you a feeling of having begun the day on a strong, positive footing.

Awaken every morning with a smile on your face
Another day…another opportunity!”

You determine your reality – Work on your perception and see things with a “glass half full” rather than a “glass half empty” attitude. There will be many trials/problems thrown at you, what’s important is that you realise that it is temporary and that it will soon pass.

“Compare it with the sun coming out after the rain”

Exercise or any physical sport/activity (dancing, Taekwondo…) – The good thing about keeping physically fit is that it releases many positive good-feel chemicals, like endorphins and serotonin among others, into your brain and blood stream.

Music, Audio, Video – Listen to many positive-enhancing music, or audio podcasts…even videos or books overloading you with other people’s success stories, or just their positive approach through their hardships.

Watch your “language” – Think about using words that inspire and motivate when you speak to others. Key words generating only positive, happy thoughts which influence your attitude and behaviour. A few examples are words like: fantastic, great, absolutely, amazing, etc.

Try smiling when you speak – Not only does your smile make you more approachable but it also subconsciously gives you a very happy, upbeat feeling.

“Genuinely mean what you do!”

Hang out with positive people – You know which people/friends around you are positive or have a positive influence over you and which do not. Think about it and make a conscious choice to be in the company of positive, happy and honest people.

Appreciate other people’s good deeds – Honestly appreciate the good actions of co-workers and friends. Just like you would be happy to receive compliments, so would they!

Be aware of what you take in – If you constantly watch negative programmes or media, most probably it will have a negative influence on you as well. Moderation and sound judgement in everything is something to strive towards.

Freedom of choice…choose to take in good, positive ideals… because what you absorb ultimately becomes you.
It’s your choice…choose wisely!”

Stop negativity in its tracks – This one isn’t easy but as soon as you feel negativity come on, you should try to distract yourself from it and focus on something that makes you happy, cheerful. I always listen to music to relax me or sometimes I just move out of the conflict area and go outside to take in some fresh air. Nature is a wonderful healer and calmer and it’s free!

Be Grateful – We love complaining when things go wrong but we forget to praise when things go great. Be grateful for all the blessings in your life even the little ones!

Work hard, play hard – Life is stressful. We all need time to relax and unwind. Don’t forget to go on a vacation, do things you love doing, to recharge your batteries.
I hope this little read brings out the positivity in you !

Take care and see you next week.

Bon Voyage !

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