Quirkiest Kitchen Gadgets – 2019

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So, are you a gadget lover like me ;)? I can never get enough of trying out new technology to see if it actually works! I must say that the items listed below are my “Quirkiest” gadgets, which you might want but not necessarily need… Having said that, they do look good on your counter-top or your kitchen-island and ‘yes‘ they do work! So have a look and see if any of these were ‘missing’ from your daily ife and just have fun with it!

Play and Freeze, Ice Cream Ball- Ice Cream Maker

So at the “Numéro un” spot, I have the ‘Play and Freeze Ice-Cream Ball‘. You might ask why? Well, here are some of the reasons why this cute ball adds some liveliness to a very dull kitchen:

  • It makes ice cream in approximately 30 minutes
  • Manual, no electricity required
  • Polycarbonate construction for durability
  • Makes 1 pint
  • Provides a hands-on experience to studying the properties of movement, freezing, and basic science principles

Nostalgia Retro Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster

I love ‘Retro’ stuff and guess what…it’s IN right now! If you are a big “Hot-Dog” fan, then this one is all for you. It also comes in an “Aqua” shade which is just as adorable. A real ‘show-stealer‘! Some more reasons to indulge in this cute, nostalgic toaster:

  • Cooks two regular-size or extra-plump hot dogs at a time
  • Toasts two buns at a time
  • Adjustable cooking timer and stop cooking button
  • Removable hot dog cage
  • Includes mini tongs for removing hot dogs
  • Drip tray for easy cleaning

Kuhn Rikon Kochblume Spill Stopper

Haven’t we all been through stuff spilling over, which we just hate! I am famous for letting milk spill, especially when I try my hand at making some “Indian Chai!” But, now that’s a thing of the past :), with this ‘Spill Stopper‘. I think this is really handy to have in the kitchen and it comes in an array of different colours! Some more reasons why you could consider this:

  • Designed to prevent spills from frying pans etc.
  • Acts as a lid
  • Keeps hobs/stoves clean
  • Premium quality
  • Easy to clean

Personalized Wooden Cookie Decorating Stamp

Another adorable little personalised item! Imagine decorating your cookies with your logo or you name, or whatsoever you see fit! This one will get your guests talking about it for sure, not to mention talking about how tasty those cookies you served them are! Some more details on this product:

  • Personalized embossing cookie stamp, embossing rolling pin alternative
  • For one stamp
  • Made from solid beech wood
  • The stamp measures 2” in diameter, 5” tall including the handle
  • The stamp is to be cleaned dry with a brush, then washed with cold water and dryed before the next using
  • Cookie stamps can be customized with an image of your choice, your name, logo etc.

KLEMOO Meat Tenderizer

Love this one! It turns your cheap cuts into succulent, mouth-watering steaks. 48 needles, crafted of stainless steel, plunge down into your cuts and tenderize every impact area all at the same time. Handy buy which lasts a lifetime. Go for this one! Some more details:

  • Razor Sharp Knife Blades – with 48 ultra sharp stainless steel blades
  • Reduces Marinade & Cooking Time
  • Maximizes Meat’s Tenderness & Flavor
  • For Chicken, Steak, Beef, Pork, Fish
  • Easy to Use & Control – Ergonomic design with a comfortable, non-slip handle
  • Easy Clean up
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comes with a clear protective plastic cover for safe storage and keeping your tenderizer sanitary

The Rollie Egg Cooker

The Rollie is an electric egg cooker that basically makes tube-shaped omelettes. Just beat your eggs, drop them in the Rollie, turn it on, and you’ll have perfectly shaped eggs for your next breakfast burrito!

  • Revolutionary cooking system lets you enjoy egg treats like never before
  • Prepare eggs, omelets, frittatas and more in just 2 easy steps
  • Unique, patented design cooks healthy and delicious eggs without the use of pots or pans
  • Easy to use and clean with a durable non-stick cooking chamber
  • Each unit comes with a cleaning brush, 5 wooden skewers, food packaging accessory, and a user manual with 25 recipes

The Selfie Toaster

Hehe! A hilarious gift idea. Imagine surprising your guest with their face on the toast you are serving them… A selfie on a fresh piece of toast. An apt gadget for a selfie generation !

Crepe/Pancake/Galette maker

I have one of these and I love it! You can make sweet and savory pancakes/galettes/crepes, anything you fancy! You can really be creative with this one and the kids love it! A good investment!

  • The non-stick aluminum surface provides easy perfectly cooked crepes every time.
  • In addition to crepes ,blintzes, jianbing, and dosa, the G&M Kitchen Essentials Professional Crepe maker can also be used as a griddle
  • Cooks a variety of breakfast foods like pancakes, eggs, bacon, tortillas, injera, roti…
  • The small design makes storage simple and travel friendly. Compact and lightweight, the crepe maker is a perfect holiday kitchen gift.

So there you have my “Quirkiest Kitchen Gadgets” for 2019. Follow my blog for updates on products and more of my ‘Top Lists’. See you around!


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