An Excerpt From My Next Book!

Ana awoke later that night and walked home. She felt different. Her senses were more aware of her surroundings. She felt one with all around her.

Her walk had changed too, she took each step with confidence. Confidence that she never felt before. She would avenge what they did to her. Slow and cruel, she would make them suffer, suffer ten times more than the pain they had caused her.

Her body recently healed, she felt strong, she felt like a Queen! Their torment would start now. Her steps quickening, she started walking fast. Her pace was getting more rapid, now she was leaping like an unleashed tiger, all senses bound in harmony towards Tatiana’s house. Tatiana beware!!

See her now… “ANA the Queen of Vengeance”

Guess my next book!

MY NEXT BOOK – Guess it!! 💜

My dearest friends,

Welcome to Round 2 👏

This time I would like you to guess the genre of my next book!
I will give you a few options to choose from. From the correctly guessed lot, I will randomly draw one/some winners who will receive my new book!

So…are you ready to guess?? 😀

Good luck then…👍…here are the genres to choose from:
1- Thriller/Suspense
2- Romance
3- Poetry
4- Fantasy
5- Horror/Paranormal

Close date is 24 October 2018
Have fun and happy guessing….💋

“Coffee & Bagels” Look out for it!

We have a winner!!!🏆🎉

Dear friends,

Thanks to all of you for responding with your suggestion for my next book cover.

“White” won unmistakably!!

I will also be announcing the winner of a copy of my latest book ‘Coffee & Bagels’ soon….

So keep a look out to see if it might be you 😁💝💕💋

Help me choose!💓

Hi dear friends,

I need your help in choosing the cover of my next book!
So please vote…..BLACK or WHITE!
I will use the cover with the most votes.

As an extra, I will also draw out a name from the winning lot, who will receive a free copy of my upcoming book: “Coffee & Bagels”

Read the first 2 chapters free here on my blog!

So good luck and thanks !❤️