She loves it!

Her books just arrived and guess what she loves it 😍…

[She has already asked me for the Greek ones :)]

Teach them to write letters while colouring!

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Introducing ‘LETTERS – Japanese’

My next WIP – Japanese!!

Fun fact…

Did you know that Japanese uses 3 alphabets: Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji

They serve different purposes. Hiragana and Katakana are syllabaries, while Kanji is logographic. Kanji is used for the basic meaning of words. Hiragana is used for things like particles, conjugations, prepositions, etc.

So after Greek and Hindi, get ready for my first letters book in Japanese…from my Kids Colouring Books Series!

Coming soon.. Letters – Japanese – Hiragana

New Books Release!!! – Letters Greek – Book 4, 5, 6, 7

Here are :

Book 4 : Letters – Greek – Capitals

Book 5 : Letters – Greek – Small

Book 6 : Pocket book – Letters – Greek – Capitals

Book 7 : Pocket book – Letters – Greek – Small


What makes Letters (Greek) colouring book unique:

– A first of its kind colouring book introducing kids to a foreign language

– It incorporates learning into fun

– All the letter illustrations are done by hand

– Unique hand drawn patterns

– Dashed-lined letters helping kids to trace on

– Letters with accompanying arrows, showing how to write each letter


Find them all here

Introducing ‘LETTERS – Greek’

Helping the young ones write letters and then colour…💗

Coming soon – Book 4 in my Kids Colouring Books Series…

‘Letters’… this time it’s Greek letters

We already know how beneficial languages are to a young mind. So what better way than to let them colour while exposing them to a foreign language. “Fun learning, I call it!’

And you know what…this one is a good starter for us-grown ups too 😊!

Look out for it on Amazon and ‘’

‘LETTERS’ – Now available on Amazon and ‘’

Letters – Capitals and Small – Book 2 and 3 in my Kids Colouring Books Series is now available!

Did you know! – The cover was designed by my 6 year old 💜… Love it!!

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