Heart Shaped

This one is for you
You will recognise it
If you are the true, my baby boo!

Your eyes like deep pits
Enriched with years of grandiose soul
Your skin more glowing
Rife with melted chocolate and honey
All of it encouraging me so much more!

Your hands so divine
A pleasure for us, all mankind
But mostly its your heart
Hidden in depth, but shouting out
Cream-filled, pure, delicate and refined
Honestly spread even, a fine gold-mine
Waiting and ready for me to entwine!

©Chriselda Barretto

Marking this day! ❤️

02 January 2019

I was born today
Many years ago, they say!

Repeated year after year
Changes, bright and clear!

Onwards, without any fear
Some normal, others extraordinary
2018 was my sanctuary!

I grew, I understood,
Realising many of life’s lessons
A culmination of past errors and misfortune
Rounded now my itinerary!

But even better still, it is today
2019, will be my year of breakthrough
Fearlessly leading, guiding, ready to adapt, stay and sway!

Free of the shackles placed on me, now in the past
Free at last, watch me fly, into this world so beautifully vast!

Gratitude to my friends, even my foes
For you have always kept me on my toes!

© Chriselda Barretto


Tell me what’s your addiction?
Or free are you from all incapacitations?

Many are there, recognise we just a few
Enhanced feelings of goodness
Reinforcing behaviour, even rewarding
You feel like new!

Seemingly innocent, careful to ignore
High price we pay as a society
Financially even worse in fatality!

Worth not this short term reward
If its end is a lifetime long term way backward!

Find your passion in something else
No better time than now, restart
Many are there: music, knowledge, growth even art!

For you are an important part of a whole
Forget this not, respect yourself, body and soul!

© Chriselda Barretto


Seeking absolution for your deeds
Engraved deeply in your beliefs
Eating up your thoughts, acid frothing in heaps
Seeping deep into the holy seed!

Having tried the ecclesiastical hierarchy
Condemned for all eternity
Salvation not found in conformity
Earth holding no surrender, full of profanity!

Climb up to the skies
Cry out, like thunder in a hundred lashes
Repentance will arrive on scales
Seated surrealistically on the wings of doves
Firmly scathing and healing all surfaces!

©Chriselda Barretto

Art – Face with doves – by Florence Wong