Muscle training…something for you?

So, I have been following some training videos on Youtube and I accidently stumbled on a gem!

Have you seen the “MuscleWatching” videos? If not then it’s something you need to check out. Don’t worry about not speaking the language, all you need to do is watch and follow!

Most of the exercises are simple, easy, extremely low impact but thoroughly efficient. I decided to have a go and started with the facial exercises and the hand exercises to lose weight. Though I am still only a few weeks away, I have to say that I am quite surprised with how you can actually feel your body work out with such simple movements. Have a go and see for yourself, please don’t take my word for it.

Its amazing to be able to lose weight by simply lying on your exercise mat, once a day for 5-10 minutes, while doing a few suggested movements.

takaine (@takaine) | Twitter

The trainer is Tatsuya Takaine, a youtuber, who has written 4 books in Japanese and 2 books in Chinese. He is based in Osaka, Japan but is originally from Nagasaki.

What’s unique about muscle training

According to Tatsuya:

-They are easy and sustainable

-You can do it anytime, anywhere

-You don’t need any equipment

-The exercises consist of a total of 5/10 minutes, with 30 seconds to a minute for each of the postures

And with an impressive list of videos targeting specific problem areas, it doesn’t get any better, especially if you are too busy, or just couldn’t be bothered going to the gym!

Check out the list of videos and click on it to learn more:

Lose 20 kg visceral fat and subcutaneous fat

Lose 10kg with finger stretch [No exercise]

Train while lying down, you will get slim twice as fast!

Effective Exercises to Slim Down Your Face Fast

Sleeveless workout! Lose arm fat fast

10 min abs workout // no gym, no equipment

and many more….

Also check him out on Instagram

So what’s stopping you? Go on then… 🙂

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