Hadiss 1

Welcome! come on right in
close the door
grab a seat, get comfortable
For this new tale I tell
will make you shiver and quell
Entertaining as hell,
listen on then
Enjoy and pay attention
now, later, right to the end!

My hero, my protagonist
He is called “Hadiss”
An eternal being, an angel of sorts
dancing between heaven, earth and other dots!
A ruler he isn’t, a protector much more
sitting between the clouds on his throne
annointed with wings, far and wide
spread them he does when in full flight!

Beauty is his in all his forms
shining skin, hard to deconstruct
They gave him a gift at his birth
The gods up above, from another universe
His gift was metals
Produce it from his being, his hands within
Liquid transforming into his desired weapon
Be it a whip, sword or spear with its edge sharpened!

From Poseidon, travel did he
in search of a land to call his,
and then he saw earth
a beautiful green blue orb
flew he right in, for this was his sort.

He sensed his fate lay here
as soon as he stepped a foot on earth’s layer
Emotions and sentiments came flooding in
he saw her hidden, deep in the shadows
His dream, his vision hailed him to her
Find her was his ultimate destiny and procure!

The way would not be easy
lined with death and things queasy
For his love, she belonged to “Eshom”
Another eternal soul from heaven
living on earth, bound to the dirt
corrupting humans with his wealth and sport
creating havoc, death and murder
For he sought and yearned for fresh blood to slaughter,
Adrenaline in his veins burned by desire
to kill, slice, avenge and despise.

Our story is long
encounters many will come
for Hadiss and Eshom, our antagonist!

Unfortunately find we amidst
this beautiful soul, a human girl, love kissed
Perla was her name, like a single pearl in a flame!

Come back next time
to hear the story of all time
of Hadiss our protector
and his search for his true love vector!

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