7 things you should know about Hebrew:

So while researching for my ‘Learn To Write’ language learning Series and learning Hebrew, here are some of the most  interesting finds I discovered:

1)  It is related to Arabic and Aramaic — and originally had no vowels (actually still doesn’t!). It does however have a system of dots and dashes called ‘Nikud/Niqqud’. These help with pronunciation, but what makes it even more mysterious is that these are seldom used in the written alphabet, so you have to guess the pronunciation depending on the context of the sentence [and we all love challenges :)].

2) The Alphabet is called the Aleph-Bet and has 22 Letters (the first two are Aleph-Bet).

3)  Hebrew is read and written from right to left.

4) There is a way to represent a letter in Block – Manual Print and Hand written – Cursive. Oh…and another (kind of similar) way in Book Print! Some letters are also written differently when they are the last letter of the word.

5) It dates back to the Second Millennium BCE

6) Because it is the language of sacred texts, Hebrew itself was often considered sacred. In post-biblical times, it was referred to as lashon ha-kodesh, the holy language. Hebrew was often thought to be the language of the angels, and indeed, of God. 

7) 72 names of God – In the story of the exodus, three consecutive verses describe God’s power as manifest just before he split the Sea of Reeds. In Hebrew, these three verses each contain 72 letters and they can be aligned in parallel, forming 72 triplets of letters. The 72 triplets become 72 “names” of God…all to manifest ultimate goodness and glory! But that will be defined further in my next book :)!

Look out for my book – LTW – 72 Names Of God –

Intrigued? Well, start with the basics by learning to write the letters with good intention.

Find my book Learn to Write Hebrew HERE

Have fun and manifest your own growth!


Source info: Myjewishlearning.com


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