Learn To Write CUNEIFORM – 2nd Edition

‘Learn to Write CUNEIFORM’ – 2nd Edition language learning book is now available.

I listened, took on your feedback and worked on a better, more knowledge-filled primer, language learning book.

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Cuneiform isn’t a single writing system, however the term encompasses several different kinds of writing systems that developed over time, all of which consisted of individual signs made up of wedge-shaped impressions which contain logographs, syllabaries, alphabets, and abjads – in fact, that’s where its name originates from!

Cuneiform is a logo-syllabic script that was used to write at least 15 languages of the Ancient Near East. Over the course of its history, Cuneiform was adapted to write several languages linguistically unrelated to Sumerian. The other languages with significant Cuneiform corpora were Akkadian, Eblaite, Elamite, Hurrian, Luwian, Old Persian, Urartian, and many more.

In this book the Cuneiform depicted is the Old Persian variation. It was written from left to right.

Get it : HERE

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