Review for “Dreams & Dew”

Another review for my book of Poems & Prose…”Dreams & Dew”
Thank you Mr Grady Harp🙏

Read “Dreams & Dew” and tell me what you think 💋

Grady Harp,Top Contributor: Children’s Books


5.0 out of 5 stars ‘Unimaginable it seems To count the number Of mere shades all over’

By Grady Harp on 29 November 2018

Born in Bombay, India author Chriselda Barretto now lives in Belgium and has mixed roots Anglo-Indian and Goan-Portuguese. In addition to writing she is an Inflight Safety Training Instructor in the Aviation Industry. She is also a professional modern jazz dancer.

In this well designed book – a combination of images and shapes placed well with the many poems and prose Chriselda offers – we are privileged to musings by an obviously thoughtful and caring person. The thoughts are clear, well written and musical

This book is divided into sections – Intrigue, Romantic, Joy, Dreamer, Inspire, Thoughts, Philosophical, Trust, Broken, and Love each with little moments spark the imagination and support the growth of the visual and the emotional spirit. Some examples follow:


Awaken me like you do
Every morning be it rain, shine or hue

Build in me thoughts so free
Cause it helps me foresee
This enhancing feel of love and cheer
Heartfelt, warm, full of all that is dear

Allow me the will
To clear for you a place, quiet and still
To feed me with your love-spliced pill!

Crazy Painting

Squares of pearls
Blotching out the swirls
Made by this magical brush

Strokes of molten gold
Beneath the soft lead
Shading the brown summer bread

Silvery lines whinnying over
All the flurry of the cover

Turn over the page
Dipping in the red
Splash the colours
Lava on the run
Heat up the crazy burn!

Take the plunge
Scrape off the tar
As soft as black butter
Get on with the next spar!

This is yet another fine book by Chriselda to stimulate thoughts and perceptions and to encourage each of our emotions.
Grady Harp, November 18

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

Link to “Dreams & Dew”

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